Our History

Triton Water Polo Club was established in 1963 through the efforts of Cliff Hill, Jack Hausen, Frank Hamilton and Bill Wallace being based at Beatty Park since foundation. Season 1963/64 was the clubs first starting with a single D grade men’s side. In 1970/71 Les Nunn took control of the A grade team and just 3 years later Triton won the premiership.

The 1970’s were extremely successful years for Triton with the A grade men winning the title for five consecutive years and with Les Nunn, Eddie Brooks, Paul Williams and Richard Pengelley representing Australia during this time.The club continued to experience success during the 1980’s and 1990’s but has recently struggled due to a lack of facilities, supportive environment and long term strategy. The active rebuilding undertaken over the last three years has seen a significant improvement in the youth in the club and previous members returning to the club.

The culture within Triton is and has always been about providing a supportive environment for the players within the club to be the best they can be and to actively support the sport within the State. It is with this renewed focus that Triton is actively seeking new opportunities to provide a long term future for the club.

Triton Olympians

1964 Tokyo – Les Nunn

1972 Munich – Les Nunn

1976 Montreal – Eddie Brookes, Paul Williams

1980 Moscow – Martin Callaghan

1984 Los Angeles – Richard Pengelley, Glenn Townsend, Martin Callaghan

1988 Seoul – Richard Pengelley, Glenn Townsend

1992 Barcelona – Glenn Townsend, Mark Oberman, Paul Oberman

2000 Sydney – Mark Oberman

Bridgette Gusterson – Gold Medallist

Danielle Woodhouse – Gold Medallist

Kate Hooper – Gold Medallist


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